Other Work

Therapeutic bodywork

Scar Tissue & Adhesion Release 

Scars are like knots in our fascia that pull on all the surrounding tissue, disrupting balance and flow in the system. This commonly causes problems with circulation and range of motion, as well as pain in seemingly unrelated areas of the body. Scar tissue/adhesion release is a form of targeted bodywork that has helped many of my clients recover quickly and completely from surgery and other trauma. When done soon after surgery, adhesion release can reduce scarring by almost 100%, but even when done long after it can mitigate painful symptoms and reduce the visible appearance of scars. I have seen dramatic results from this simple practice. I also do a lot of pre-hab with clients before they go into surgery to help them recover quicker. 

Energy-sensitive Neuromuscular Therapy

My bodywork style has evolved over many years and incorporated many different modalities. My approach is always informed by structural assessments from my postural alignment training, although I’d say it is closest to Neuromuscular Therapy, a rolfing-like form of bodywork that works to unwind the root causes of dysfunction along fascial lines. I do work on the energetic level as well, particularly with sensitive individuals.  

Retreat and Special Event Support

I have always enjoyed sharing my offerings in a retreat or special event setting; while I do not run my own retreats, I have assisted in planning and running events in different capacities. Typically my contributions tend to be special yoga classes, fitness/adventure excursions, massage, meditation/mindful communication circles, and overall execution assistance. If you have an idea on how we can collaborate to create something awesome, don’t hesitate to reach out!  


I almost didn’t put this one on here, but I have been studying astrology for many years now and believe it is a wisdom tradition worth sharing. Studying one’s natal chart and becoming attuned to the transits of the moon and other planets through the sky is a potent tool for personal growth and self discovery. I have found it to be particularly helpful at re-writing one’s personal narratives in an empowering, open way. I do not focus overly much on predictive astrology, but I can teach you how to read your own natal chart, make sense of its symbolism, and use the current planetary positions in life-enriching ways. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in a reading.